How To Improve Speaking English For Kids

Your Kid's Ticket to Success is English Education

How to improve speaking English for kids?

How can you help your kid enjoy communicating in English, how to improve speaking English, and not worry about mistakes?

Some children find it difficult to speak English, some are even too timid to speak. Others don’t want to make mistakes. You can help your kid gain more confidence by creating a positive and encouraging environment at home.

Making Mistakes is Normal

One very important aspect is to let them know that mistakes are normal and an important part of language learning. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes – that’s how we learn! But if your kid isn’t ready to talk freely yet, don’t press it or show your discomfort.

How To Improve Speaking English

How to improve speaking English and practice with your kid without stress?

Here are some very useful tips to boost your kid’s confidence:

  1. Give them opportunities to use vocabulary and expressions they already know.
  2. Make sure they understand the questions and instructions. Use your native language to explain if necessary.
  3. Be calm and let your child know that you are happy with what they said (no matter how short!).
  4. Do not force your kid to give long answers. Only one word can be said if that’s all for now.
  5. Remember the “mistakes” and talk about them later. Do not interrupt, otherwise, it will be difficult to improve fluency and may be bad for your kid’s confidence.
  6. Make the oral activity fun! For example, ask your child to name some of the things he/she imagines.
  7. Be supportive, encouraging, and always positive. Talk about what has been learned, and reassure them that you are here to help them feel more confident.
  8. If you need to correct your child, wait for them to finish speaking and encourage them in a patient manner to repeat the word or phrase correctly.

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How can English speaking lessons be more interesting and how to improve English speaking?

If you ask yourself how to improve speaking English for your child remember this: the more fun a child has during English lessons, the better. Encourage interesting, easy-going, and unpredictable responses. For example, pronounce words in different ways. Make a happy face, sad face, do some opera singing, or show a sleepy performance. Have fun using your imagination!

Children often like to repeat the language if the emphasis is not on speaking but on funny situations. Most kids are more motivated to learn English if they experience the language in music, movies, comics, or books.

Play with their favorite toys or other creative activities to encourage English speaking

Does your kid have a toy version of their favorite English-language comic? Tell him/her that this toy only knows English and is only able to make conversation in English. Interact with the toy itself and encourage your kid to do it on their own.

Many young children learn languages more easily and understand quickly how to improve speaking English when technical learning is combined with creative activities. Think about what your child likes to do for fun and engage in English activities such as singing, playing, reading aloud, or acting.


You can help your child gain more confidence in speaking English by creating a positive and encouraging environment at home. Let them make mistakes, always be patient, and try to create an interesting, creative learning environment.