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KIDLingoo - Terms of Service and Privacy Policy


Kidlingoo.com (the website) is operated by Onequest Ltd. Education, Kowloon, Hong Kong (the company) and is engaged in online teaching research and operations. The website is an online education service platform to provide members with online learning services.


When a website visitor or service registrar fills in the information, browses, purchases or uses the company’s services, he or she agrees to abide by the services provided by the company and agrees to the terms of use and other relevant specifications.

Member Information

When website visitors or service users join to become a member of the company, they shall submit their correct and complete information. Untrue personal data provided by a member or data provided in another name, may result in delayed services or loss of rights or interests, and the member shall bear all the responsibilities and consequences thereof. The company reserves the right to terminate the membership and the right to use the services at any time. Members understand and agree that the company shall, in accordance with the law, order the collection, processing and utilization of the member’s data, upon which the member has agreed to, and will be liable in accordance with the law if there is a disclosure that impairs their rights and interests.

Legal representative

If a website user is under the age of 18 and wants to become a member, a legal representative (or guardian) will instead become the member and shall use all the services provided by the company in accordance with these terms of use, and he or she understands and agrees to the terms of use and shall read, understand and accept all the contents of the terms of use. When a member begins or continues to use the company’s services, he or she is deemed to be the legal representative of the member and has read, understood and agreed to accept all of these terms of use.

Using the service

Before using the company’s services, members shall equip themselves with the hardware equipment required for the company’s services and shall bear the costs associated with the maintenance thereof. Members shall keep their member account numbers and passwords properly, avoid leakage of account numbers and passwords, and shall not provide members’ accounts and passwords to third parties for use. The member also agrees that the company shall have the right to suspend the use of the member’s account if it reasonably suspects that the member has violated the terms of use and that if it is confirmed that the member has violated the terms of use. The member has entered into a service contract with the company and the company has the right to terminate the service contract at any time. The company reserves the right to change the composition of courses and lessons (i.e. schedules, students, teachers) if needed, without this giving rise to the right to any refund. Any changes will be announced in good time (if applicable) and in consultation with the members, considering their preferences.


The following acts are prohibited, and the company may, depending on the seriousness or impact level of the violation, suspend the services and close the member’s account; if these acts may have caused damage to the company, it may also request the member to be liable for damages:

  • The transmission of illegal software, unauthorized works or other software that undermines or affects the rights and interests of others through software that is available for the transfer of documents.
  • Using the online system to verbally harass, verbally abuse, attack, interfere with the order of service or other unwelcome acts against the company’s language consultants, lecturers, principals, employees or other members.
  • Intruding or destroying systems or equipment or facilities within the company’s website, implanting viruses, trojans or other malicious, contaminated or destructive programs, implanting systems or other acts affecting the operation or provision of services on the company’s systems.
  • Any act that is detrimental to the reputation of the company or third parties or to the reputation of language consultants, directors, employees or other members of the company.
  • The use of an online video system to perform acts of exposure, indecency, sexual innuendo or other indecentness that affect the services of the company.
  • Private interaction with employees, teaching consultants and other members for purposes other than learning services.
  • The use of the company’s website and systems to collect, inquire about or solicit personal information or contact information from language consultants, lecturers, principals, employees or other members.
  • Rent, borrow, distribute or resell the company’s membership or/and services or products by means of sale, public bidding, auction or other means.
  • Acts of improper use or use contrary to laws and regulations and public order.

If a member enters into a service contract with the company and the terms of use are breached or violated, the company may terminate the service contract and may require the member to pay a punitive breach of contract. The aforementioned service charges shall be based on the amount of the service fee recorded in the service contract in the case of the paid purchase of the course. The member shall bear the relevant responsibilities and consequences, including legal costs, for the disputes and losses caused by the breach of the provisions of all aforementioned paragraphs.

Intellectual Property

The member agrees that the intellectual property rights and other rights relating to video, audio, text, or picture documents and/or other content in which he or she participates during the use of the company’s services, are the property of the company and are used by the company at its own expense, including, but not limited to, editorial research and development of products, business promotion, product publication or sales use. Without the written consent of the company members are not allowed to rent, borrow, distribute, public broadcast or sell, nor in any way provide access to third parties to any of the company’s property. The intellectual property rights of the company’s services, trademarks, service marks, technologies, systems, teaching materials, films, images, advertising materials, video files and other related materials are legally owned by the company, and the members shall not use them for any purpose or manner, nor shall they be made available to any third party for their use. In the event of a breach, the company has the right to immediately terminate the member’s right to use the services of the company, which results in the loss of any payments already made by the member. Above that, the member will be held liable for all economic losses caused to the company as a result. When a member uses the services of the company, he or she is not allowed to use any technical secret or other trade secret information belonging to another person or the company without authorization, nor may he or she commit any act that may infringe the intellectual property rights of another person or the company. If a member violates the above-mentioned commitments and causes the company to be subject to third-party infringement charges and prosecutions, resulting in direct and indirect loss of the company’s reputation and economic base, the member shall bear all economic and legal liabilities and costs. All information mentioned here shall not be invalidated by the termination or closure of a member’s account, the cessation of use of the company’s services or the change, termination or cancellation of these terms of use.


Without the written consent and authorization of the company members shall not in any way publicly disclose to any third party or to the public or to anyone any confidential information and/or business secrets or services / products that belong to the company as a result of the use of the company’s services, such as but not limited to technical information, system interface design, teaching materials content, consultancy materials, employee information, etc., or part or all of the service contracts and their accessories. In the event of a breach the company has right to immediately terminate the member’s right to use the services of the company, and the member shall be liable for all economic losses caused to the company as a result. In general, if a member enters into a service contract with the company discloses confidential information, the company has the right to terminate the service contract at any time.


The member understands and agrees that the member shall not instigate or induce employees or consultants of the company to terminate or change their service relationship with the company, or to be employed by the member himself or by others, neither formal, contracted, active nor part-time. The member is not allowed to offer employment to the company’s employees such as working as consultants (e.g. management or language consultants), agents, appointees, or provide any other positions, whether regular or not. In the event of a breach, the member shall bear the costs of the company to fill the vacancy and compensate the company for damages.


The company provides the member’s online learning platform set-up and maintenance services. Members can expect reasonable security services in order to use the learning system properly, however the company and its system equipment is not attributable to or can be held liable for third party factors and errors, screen suspension, delay, interruption or loss of connection. The company shall be responsible for the maintenance of the relevant systems of the service. In case the system can’t be used properly, members shall promptly contact the company’s customer support. Members may not claim any interest or compensation from the company regarding network bandwidth, website speed, uploading or downloading times, or other factors related to inferior audio or video quality. If the company for any reason requires the upgrading or maintenance of any of its services or equipment, resulting in suspension or interruption of its services, the member will be notified accordingly. Members may not claim any interest or compensation from the company regarding network or service suspensions or interruptions.

Privacy policy

We respect and protect the privacy rights of all our users and attribute great importance to privacy protection. When collecting, processing and using your personal data this will always be in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, and we will provide you with the exercise and protection of your rights to personal data. If you do not agree to all or part of this privacy policy, you may cease using our services at any time.

Personal data collection

We identify individuals in the way of collecting name, address, telephone number, mobile phone number, software and / or platform account number, e-mail address, financial institution account number and name, credit card or signature card number, age, gender, date of birth, financial transactions between the member and the company (including but not limited to payment methods and intervals).

Personal date use

The company’s host and server location is in Taiwan, and this is where your personal data will be stored. When using our services, we may set up and use cookies in order to improve the member’s user experience. Members can choose whether to allow the use of cookies by setting up your personal preferences, however when cookies are turned off this may result in functional limitations when using our services. In addition, we may collect information about the member’s equipment, software, configuration, browser, apps, metadata (e.g. date, time, frequency, location of classes), video or audio recordings, and other information.

Personal data access rights

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, you have the right to inquire about or request access to your personal data, to request a copy, to request a supplement or correction, to request to stop collecting, processing or using, and to request deletion. You may exercise this right by sending an email to our support team.


The member agrees that the content and all information of these terms of use and privacy policies may be revised or amended from time to time and shall take effect after the announcement thereof, and the member shall inform the company within thirty days after the announcement if he or she does not agree to the amendment. If a member continues to use the services after the announcement of the amendment to these terms of use and privacy policies, he or she has agreed to comply with the amendments or revisions.