What do parents say about us


Let's explore what parents have to say about us.
Kylie Chen

Kylie Chen, New Taipei City

“Highly interactive children’s online English teaching” - Testimonial from Kylie Chen, New Taipei City: "I came into contact with the online English teaching company KIDLingoo because I wanted to find an online English course for my 5-year-old son Henry. However, there seem to be very few companies in the market that can teach such small children. ...
Sandy Wong Testimonial

Sandy Wong, Hong Kong Island

“My child's English accent has improved” - Testimonial from Sandy Wong, Hong Kong Island: "I always felt that my son's pronunciation is not very “English”. After having tried several different online English teaching schools in Hong Kong, I finally found KIDLingoo, which from the very beginning gave me a very comfortable feeling. ...
KIDLingoo Review from Poly (Malaysia+Taiwan)

Poly The Expat Wife, Malaysia + Taiwan

“The teacher uses an intelligent variety of ways to attract children's interest” - Testimonial from Poly, Malaysia + Taiwan: "I found some trial videos on Youtube, and after showing them to my children, I asked them how they felt. My elder son said he prefers teaching with real people, so I started to search in this direction, which made me find KIDLingoo. ...


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