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Sandy Wong Testimonial

Sandy Wong

“My child's English accent has improved” - Testimonial about KIDLingoo from Sandy Wong, Hong Kong Island

“After having tried several different online English teaching schools in Hong Kong, I finally found KIDLingoo, which from the very beginning gave me a very comfortable feeling. Usually I am engaged in overseas-related work, and I have to use a lot of English, but I am still very Cantonese in my daily oral expressions, as is my child, who is 6 years old and only started to learn English a little while ago. I always felt that his pronunciation is not very “English”. I’m really worried that his pronunciation will be as bad as mine. Or that he will appear unprofessional at his future workplace. So I started to look for online English that also focuses on accents.

Correct English accent

Hong Kong has quite a few choices for 6-year-old children to use online English. In my opinion online English schools must pay special attention to helping our children establish the correct English accent. For example, teachers from the Philippines or non-native English teachers have different accents, even though the native language of the Philippines is English, and the price is definitely affordable. However, their pronunciation is still different from the American, Canadian, and British accents, so I skip on these offers.

I think it was based on this goal that I found KIDLingoo. At that time, I applied for a free trial class, with a teacher who is from overseas. She was very enthusiastic and KIDLingoo told me that all their teachers are from the United States, Britain, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. They will never be from other countries. Of course, I felt relieved a lot. Besides, their contract can be renewed only on a monthly basis, so we don’t need to sign up for a year or more.

Back to the KIDLingoo lesson: every time a child speaks, the teacher will take the trouble to let the child speak and read the English language in a correct manner. And I can see and hear that my son’s accent already improved.

No teacher rotation

Another reason I like KIDLingoo is that the school’s aim is to not rotate the teachers! This makes sense as there is scientific proof that children learn better when they have a strong connection to the same teacher. I still remember that after my son took the trial course, he liked the teacher very much. After the class, he would tell me “I like this teacher and want to talk to her”. It was beyond my expectation. Later, the teacher was still very engaged with him, and I’ve got the feeling that after each lesson he gets more connected to her!

KIDLingoo’s English learning system really brings a lot of good quality on the table. I know that other online English schools who teach live over the internet do rotate their teacher on a regular basis. Maybe the price is cheaper, but I’m not sure about the quality of these courses or that some lessons are kind of wasted.

I hope my child stays motivated and continues to learn!”

Experience from Hong Kong Island – Miss Wong