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KIDLingoo© English Speaking Course For Kids


The KIDLingoo© Intensive English Speaking Course for kids is based on British Council teaching standards and highly values the improvement of speaking and conversation skills in English language arts.

Our teachers focus primarily on:

  • Talking and engaging in communication with your child
  • Training in daily conversations
  • Improving English speaking skills
  • Confident free speech without inhibitions.

Our English speaking course for kids is taught in a Virtual Classroom, live and real-time over the internet, where the teacher is visible on the student’s screens.

We use a unique combination of:

  • Live teaching with highly engaging presentation elements.
  • Teaching content according to different skills and learning levels.
  • The worldwide acclaimed TPR Method (Total Physical Response).

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All our teachers are either British Council trained, TEFL/TESOL certified, or certified according to International Standards (e.g. CELTA).


Simply start with a monthly subscription and extend it later! Or select a package with a fixed amount of classes.
Course Program

Intensive English Speaking Course For Kids (4-12 Years)

What’s the English speaking course for kids about?

The KIDLingoo© Intensive English speaking course creates a unique opportunity for children to practice and improve their speaking, conversation, and communication skills with a native English speaker.

All lessons in this course cover a wide range of topics, from art and music to culture and science, allowing students to expand not only their vocabulary but broaden their knowledge about modern life on planet earth.

Each lesson provides grammar and vocabulary practices to ensure better English language fluency. However, the most important benefit of this Intensive English speaking course for kids is growing their confidence in having English conversations through consistent practice!

English Speaking Course for Kids: The Subjects

By the end of the course, your child will gain the ability to express their viewpoint on a range of subjects, including but not limited to the following:

  • Eating habits and healthy foods
  • Various genres of music
  • Countries’ histories
  • Different cultures, customs, and languages
  • The realm of art
  • The realm of fantasy and mythical creatures
  • Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Volcanoes
  • Our solar system
  • Modern devices and their price range
  • Movies and cartoons

English Speaking Course for Kids: The Vocabulary

Your kids will expand their vocabulary in the following categories (not limited to these):

  • Music & Art
  • My personality
  • My health
  • The Universe
  • Nations and countries
  • Multinational corporations
  • What is humor?
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Superheroes and films

English Speaking Course for Kids: The Grammar

The course includes these grammatical structures:

  1. Simple Present and Past Tense
  2. The Present Perfect
  3. Structure of complex sentences
  4. Comparative and Superlative Degrees
  5. Prepositions of Place and Time
  6. Modal & Phrasal verbs
1-1 English Speaking Course for Kids

One-on-One LIVE English Class

Our Intensive 1-1 English Speaking course is offered ONLY as One-on-One Teaching, where your child learns English exclusively with one teacher, who focuses solely on your kid’s progress and evolvement. This allows us to put your child at the centre of everything we teach.

Each class is designed to be highly relevant and focuses on precisely what your kid needs in order to achieve maximum results.

We do NOT offer group classes, because 1-1 improves the amount of confidence as your child gets to know the teacher better over time. In that way a strong student-teacher-bond develops, which intensifies the learning experience.

One-on-One Classes are available as:

  • 2, 3 or 4 months course, with two 50min lessons per week.
  • Package of 16, 24 or 32 lessons.

Within certain time slots parents can flexibly choose whenever they and their child like to have class.

AND DID YOU KNOW… that a younger sibling can join the lessons for free? That’s right! The English Speaking Course for Kids is FREE for the younger sibling!

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