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The KIDLingoo© English Learning System for young learners between (4-12 years) is based on British Council teaching standards and US Common Core State Standards in English language arts.

Our system is unique and differs from ordinary classroom teaching and cram school environments a lot. It is tailored to your child's level and preferences, where listening, understanding and speaking of the English language is constantly encouraged.

Through our live and interactive ENGLISH ONLY approach your child will experience quick progress and achieve a great sense of accomplishment!

We provide one-on-one classes, suitable for young learners of different levels. To set us apart from ordinary English online courses, we will activate and encourage children's own self-learning motivation and avoid boring teaching methods with lots of textbooks, which can damage children's interest in learning.

Our selected KIDLingoo© teachers encourage your child to absorb and „play with“ the English language, thereby improving their English speaking & communication skills, as well as their confidence. Above that they will encourage your child’s creative thinking and social skills, laying a solid foundation for future educational development.

KIDLingoo© exclusively employs native English speakers, who do have at least three years of experience in teaching English to young learners. This will ensure that your children become truly familiar with the English language.
KIDLingoo© only employs internationally certified teachers with exceptional credentials. Before starting with us, they need to prove their impeccable backgrounds as well as at least three years of teaching experience with children.

All our teachers have to go through a thorough screening process, and undergo intensive training in the KIDLingoo© method. Rest assured that we have put a lot of effort into the development of our teacher evaluation and assessment system, to be able to provide your children with the best Live Online Teaching experience available.

In addition, our KIDLingoo© teachers are well able to develop kids' self-confidence in speaking and listening, encouraging them to truly love the English language!
All our teachers are either British Council trained, TEFL/TESOL certified, or certified according to International Standards (e.g. CELTA). Above that, we use a unique combination of Live teaching, animated and interactive content, and the worldwide acclaimed TPR Method (Total Physical Response). It especially caters to kids between the ages of 4 to 12.

When using the Total Physical Response (TPR) method, a teacher „performs“ the teaching material with the help of gestures, facial expressions, sounds and movements. Children are happy to mimic gestures and repeat verbal expressions uttered by teachers and thus learn the material much faster and more efficiently.

You will observe how children taught with the KIDLingoo© system will soon begin to speak confidently, even if they haven't been much in contact with the English language before. The program emphasizes exploration, play, and positive reinforcement, encouraging your child to stay motivated and speak English confidently and freely.
Yes, one (1) younger sibling of the main student can join lessons for free.



Our KIDLingoo© real-time English online classes are taught live through a virtual classroom that is live over the internet (a stable internet connection is required). The teacher is visible on the student's screens. Your kids will experience playful interactive teaching, with animations and games on which the English language learning progress is based.
KIDLingoo's ONLY ENGLISH approach in combination with the Total Physical Response (TPR) method helps your child to understand the meaning of what is going on. Our native English teachers do not use translation in the virtual classroom, but will help students understand by using mimic, gestures, toys and other virtual aids.

You may ask yourself how your beloved little one learns languages so seemingly easy compared to us parents. The reason is that they don't pick up the language through texts and books, but they listen carefully and repeat the sounds, words and gestures they hear and see, thus slowly but surely absorbing accent and intonation, as well as „feeling“ the language.

We at KIDLingoo© are delighted to see how your children start saying simple English words and phrases after only a few classes. The information and vocabulary is absorbed quickly through repeating and sticks in their memory for a long time, with the result being that they use the language that they are learning with confidence.

So don't worry, it does not matter if they do not understand everything in the beginning! With KIDLingoo© they will learn English quickly anyway!
KIDLingoo© Live Classes take about 50 minutes each.
1-1 teaching is where your child learns English exclusively with one teacher, who focuses solely on your kid's progress and evolvement.
This allows us to put your child at the centre of everything we teach. Each class focuses on precisely what your kid needs in order to achieve maximum results.
We do not offer group lessons because 1-1 improves the child's confidence. As he or she gets to know the teacher better over time and a strong student-teacher bond can develop, which intensifies the learning experience.
According to scientific studies, there is no minimum age to start learning English (even though it might be difficult with an infant)! The earlier the child is exposed to bilingualism, the earlier they will have the ability to perceive the second language as a „second mother tongue“.

That means the earlier young children come into constant contact with a foreign language, the more it is internalized. However, in order to guarantee your child's success and continuous motivation, you have to use an immersive and well-structured English learning curriculum that is adaptable and progresses over time, such as the KIDLingoo© English Learning System.

Children have an extraordinary memory! Therefore, as long as your child has a curious character, and is 4 years of age or older, it makes a lot of sense in many ways to start participating in online English classes which focus on playful listening, understanding, and speaking as well as improving writing skills.
Our TRIAL CLASS evaluation system will bring to light your child's abilities of speaking and understanding of the English language.

Based on that evaluation we will determine at what stage your child starts learning with KIDLingoo©.
Our KIDLingoo© Learning System curriculum is structured in a way that it progresses in difficulty. After only a few weeks you will quickly notice great results in your child's English proficiency and abilty to speak freely.

Beside that, we always encourage your child to speak and talk in English as much as possible, even if they make mistakes!


You as a parent may appreciate our English classes as an investment in the quality of your kid's future life. Research has shown that bilingual children (especially those who master a second language before the age of eight), have a high literacy level as well as advanced analytical and social skills, putting them in leading school (and later corporate) positions.

Various international studies have shown that children adapt very well to learning several languages simultaneously. This solid intellectual foundation gives them competitive advantage in an increasingly challenging economic environment. They'll even develop an advanced emotional and cultural understanding of the world!

In addition, young kids who are exposed to a second language at an early stage are likely to achieve native or near-native fluency in that particular language, not speaking of the much easier time they will have learning other foreign languages as well.
Parents play an important role in their child's English learning advancement. It helps a lot if you encourage your kid to always try to speak, so that they aren't afraid of making mistakes.

You could even make some funny English speaking mistakes yourself to show your child it is OK not to be always correct. In any case, our native English tutors will continuously encourage your child, helping to correct grammar and pronunciation.

We recommend that you participate in the Trial Class as well as the first lessons, but this is not required (although recommended) for future classes. If your child is quite young, it can be quite important to support them emotionally in their early classes.

We also recommend staying with them in class until your loved ones get used to the teacher and online learning environment. In our experience this usually takes 2-4 classes.
All our teachers are well experienced in teaching English online to young kids and do adapt to different situations very well. We try to always allocate the same teacher to the kids to ensure that the connection and friendship between students and teacher is deepened. However this can not always be guaranteed.
During Live Class there is always the option to write some comment in the Chat line, which will be immediately seen by the teachers, who can then send their response back in real-time.


Yes, you can use KIDLingoo© with any device of your choice, such as desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Our inhouse virtual classroom system runs with Zoom, but you don't have to install anything beforehand. You'll receive an easy instruction from us.

In order to create a consistent and focused learning environment, we recommend having class at a regular location with a fixed screen device such as a desktop, laptop or tablet.
The course fees will be paid via Credit Card in your local currency (you will receive an instruction how to easily do that). We use the daily updated exchange rates of to determine your exact payable amount.
Please read our Frequently Asked Questions carefully, where you will find all the most popular questions and answers.

If you haven't found your answer, you can send us an email to support @ kidlingoo. com.


Simply start with a monthly subscription and extend it later! Or select a package with a fixed amount of classes.
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