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KIDLingoo Online English For Asian Children

KIDLingoo© English PRO Trial Class @ 1.00 USD

1. Our trial classes used to be free! But due to the overwhelming amount of unqualified inquiries we unfortunately had to implement a “filter” to make sure that only parents who are SERIOUS about their kid’s learning receive a trial class.

2. Because at KIDLingoo©, quality is of utmost importance! We employ only highly professional teachers, with many years of teaching experience. Our teachers are experts in teaching children in a playful and easy-to-understand manner, resulting in a steep learning curve.

3. The English PRO trial class (live, in real time, virtual) lasts 25 minutes and is a wonderful way to get a clear picture about your kid’s listening, reading, and speaking abilities.

4. After trial class, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation report regarding your kid’s skills and capabilities as well as a professional educational recommendation.

5. Before you submit for trial class please make yourself familiar about our regular course’s details here: Intensive English Speaking Course For Kids.

6. In addition, check our regular lesson prices that apply after the trial class: English Course Fees. Please make sure that you are potentially willing to pay the course fees – which are VERY COMPETITIVE compared to other 1-1 Live Online English classes!

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